If you right click on your mouse button, and select view image, then you can see a close up of the art. Enjoy!

The Man with no name! by Nomi Rana (c) (My own created character) (Pencil and ink)

Wolverine Sketch (Marvel Comics)(c) (pencil)

Metamorphosis 1-(Strange) by Nomi Rana (c) work in progress (pen)

Snake Eyes-Hasbro(c) (work in Progress) (Watercolours)

Enchantress-Marvel Comics(c) (Pen sketch) 

Mystery Girl(c) By Nomi Rana (Pen sketch) 

Z(c) By Nomi Rana (pencil sketch)

A collabaration between Nomi Rana (inks), Charles Lekan (Pencils) and Timur Hassan (colours) For a client who required a 4 page comic book about a bank heist.  

Snake(c) by Nomi Rana (watercolours)

Tribal Warrior (c) By Nomi Rana (Rollerball pen)

The Man With No Name 2 (c) By Nomi Rana (Biro pen)

Comissioned piece: Kun-Fu Cats (c) By Nomi Rana (watercolour+inks) 

 King Crown by Nomi Rana (c) (Pencil Sketch) Work in progress

Spider-man-Marvel Comics(c) (Pencil and ink)

Deserted Tower-By Nomi Rana(c) (Pen)

 Lady in Blue(c) By Nomi Rana (Watercolours)

 Lady In Blue 2 (c) By Nomi Rana (Watercolours)

Spirit Wing- (c) By Nomi Rana (Rollerball Pen)

Work In Progress_ (c) By Nomi Rana (Rollerball Pen)

Kendrall (c) by Nomi Rana (pencils)

Ironman (Marvel Comics) by Nomi Rana (Watercolour)

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